Occupy Vancouver

I really hope that the growing worldwide demonstrations stay peaceful.

Occupy Wall Street is now getting mainstream news coverage, though the online streaming is where the real coverage is.

“Occupy” now has demonstrations planned for many major cities around the world. This is a worldwide issue and everyone is feeling the effects of the conduct of the major banks.

I’ve been reading opinions on blogs and boards and it seems some are happy to protest and some believe the protest itself is being influenced and promoted by government and banking interests.

Some say the 700 protesters blocking traffic and arrested yesterday on Brooklyn Bridge in New York were willfully disobeying peaceful rules of protest. Some say the police themselves moved the crowds into the street.

There’s no way to know for sure.

What we do know is that peaceful demonstration is lawful.

It’s a way to bring concerns to the attention of government policymakers and officials. It’s a way to bring media attention which brings a way to consolidate those of similar interest.

Vancouver is now joining New York. October 15th, 2011 in a peaceful demonstration at the Art Gallery to show government parties that we as a group want policies in place that remove the banks use power and influence to bring about policies that favour the 1% of top income earners, and corporations, and to instead bring fair policy to the 99% of the population.


Coins and Crowns
copyright 2011 Intelligentsia Media

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