Gold and Silver Jump Up

So gold just jumped up $34 an ounce to $1,735.30 US, and silver just jumped $.97 in 24 hours to $33.68. They seem to be sticking. Sometimes the easy-in-easy-out investor buys quickly when the metals are on a fast incline, like yesterday. Then they watch, and as soon as there's a teeny dip they sell [...]


Elaine Diane Taylor – The Stone words and music Elaine Diane Taylor words and music © 2004 Intelligentsia Media performance © 2012 Intelligentsia Media SOCAN / ASCAP When we look into a mirror and see a spot of something on our faces, we brush the spot off of our face, we don’t wipe the spot [...]

Waves of Water and Energy

Elaine Diane Taylor - We Know How it Goes (Rise and Fall of Empires) words and music copyright 2009 Intelligentsia Media performance copyright 2012 Intelligentsia Media SOCAN/ASCAP Actions are like waves on the ocean. When two waves are high and come together they double in height. If waves that meet are opposites, one high and [...]