Title Track from Coins and Crowns in The Hidden Secrets of Money

Mike Maloney, bestselling author of Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future just released Episode 1 of the documentary series The Hidden Secrets of Money. The Title track from the folk album Coins and Crowns is featured in the soundtrack. This documentary series teaches the history of money, and [...]


Fear is unique and individual. Just as love is. What seems a ridiculously easy adventure to one, can be a devastating block to another. Empathy is the need when there's fear swirling. Not because we feel the same fear as someone we care for, or because we can understand why such a simple step is [...]

Fuel for Fire

  Sometimes we build out of woodWe strike a match like we've understoodBut we've got gasoline, baby,We've got rainAnd we pass back and forth a little flame                             from "Sometimes" by Elaine Diane Taylor  Fuel for Fire by Matthew Ward is fragile. It's appropriate for a fragile and quiet mood. All of life moves like a pendulum, [...]