Jim Rickards, Coffee and Golden Moments

When people used to ask me where I had my finest cup of coffee, my answer was always at an outdoor cafe in Whistler, Canada. I have a new answer now. A few days ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Jim Rickards, author of the bestselling book Currency Wars: The Making of the […]

Gold from the Stars and a Little About Me

I’m currently wrapping up a semester at Simon Fraser University where I study geology (gold), economics (rising and falling empires and fiat currencies) and communication studies (media influence and power imbalances). I’ve been in the publishing field for quite a few years as a publisher, editor and business owner, and am thrilled to be able […]

Coins and Crowns featured in Mike Maloney’s Mini Doc on Inflation

  Kings and queens with golden crowns, Five thousand years of empires founded, Make some war and win some ground, Just give us bread and circus clowns, To keep us down.        – from the song Coins and Crowns     True Cause of Chaos Exposed is Mike Maloney and Dan Rubock’s mini documentary regarding […]