3 Min. Gold News – July 8, 2021 – All the Money


The lender has control over the borrower.

If the borrower cannot pay what is agreed then the collateral becomes the property of the lender.

How would it be for the lender to have control over the whole situation, and create an environment where the borrower can’t make their payments?

The borrower would call it evil and the lender would call it business, and the lender would call it using advantage before their competitor does.

All the money.

What’s happening right now, and for the past decades, is the set-up to have the whole world’s economy under the control of a central banking group. A small group of un-elected people would make the decisions on what you could buy, earn, own and do.

They would control what your nation could buy, earn, own and do.

What does a banking group do? They lend money. They facilitate transactions and charge a fee for doing it. They make a fee if the market goes up or down. They make a fee whether you gain or lose. They lend money to governments and large non-government institutions.

Who would like this banking group? All of those who benefit.

That would be big businesses who make the profits by providing the goods and services that the bankers make fees on, as well as individual nation’s leaders who would get a payment for them or their families for going along with the rules the banking group wanted to set up.

Who would lose? Everyone else.

Those with power do anything needed to keep it. Those without it do whatever is possible to get it.

When a new technology is developed there is a cross-over time where those with it have an advantage.

The borrower is subject to the lender.

If only there was a way to live without a bank.

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