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1306141410006        My interest is the ‘soul of the moment’ and how we as a species set ourselves in relationships, communities and closed systems.

I love the dynamic of the balance of power and how that swings. How we communicate. How we expand and experience our highest selves. How unique we are individually, and at the same time connected and similar.

Musically, my formal training is in classical and jazz vocals, as well as guitar and classical piano. I attended music college at The Music School at VCC in Vancouver, Canada, where I trained under Kate Hammett-Vaughan and saxophonist David Branter. My goal was to solo with the feel of a horn as opposed to a vocalist. My deepest love is folk and lyrics. I am a follower of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain, among others. I am an Ella Fitzgerald fan, and love doing her solos in my own space. Perhaps I’ll do her scat in public at some time in the future – that would be fun.

Academically, my training is in communications, geology and economics. I have a B.A. Communications (minor Publishing) from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Professionally, I apprenticed as a goldsmith one-on-one under Canadian veteran Peter Spence. I co-owned a publishing production house in Vancouver, where I was the Editor-in-Chief with over one hundred books, games, video and music products created and sold internationally. I sold my half of the business, threw away my well ordered life, walked on the beach where I watched the waves and moved the fader. Then I went to music school and then university.

I live on the west coast of Canada, where I walk along the many beaches surrounding the beautiful city of Vancouver, and adore being deep in the woods with the trees, rocks and waterfalls.

At the moment I’m in the deserts of Nevada.

The music I’ve written ranges from geopolitics to gold and economics, to the yin and yang of the greater universe, to physics, to the whys of power imbalance, to love. I don’t feel driven by a desire for what some call success. I’ve lost all and gained all, and all is well. I see some events and patterns in the macro world that remind me of things that went on in my micro world. So if I can connect some dots, see some patterns, make some music, bring some peace, feel love, and give a heads up to how the world is moving and how someone can prepare before it all goes down, then all is well .

Thank you for listening.



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