London Riots

This is worldwide unrest, and will spread to the U.S. and other countries, as fiat currencies have been printed endlessly, and the value of each dollar drops like a stone.

If the U.S. is the world reserve currency, and has the only right to print paper money backed by nothing, no gold, then they will keep printing until the world runs out of trees.

This is a way for the U.S. to increase exports. If their citizens have run out of money due to borrowing, then a way to increase GDP, or gross domestic product, is to increase exports. How can they do this? By devaluing the U.S. dollar so that other countries can buy U.S. products for less of their own currency.

If the U.S. devalues its dollar then it will increase exports, but each dollar the average U.S. citizen holds will buy their family less and less. The winners are the bankers issuing loans for fees, and corporations making deals for exclusive contracts. The losers are average citizens. The prices of all goods goes up. Jobs go down. Hunger goes up. Hope goes down. Anger goes up. Then it all goes down…

All while borrowing for war.

The peasants are getting tired of bread and circuses.

Coins and Crowns

Elaine Diane Taylor

copyright 2011 Intelligentsia Media Inc.


digital single available below

Coins and Crowns
It’s all going down, down, down
The peasants are reeling
From the game of coins and crowns
We’re all feeling
When they borrow for war
With no gold in store
They just print more
Then our costs go up and our jobs go down
Hunger goes up and hope goes down
Anger goes up then it all goes down, down, down
Gold and silver from the ground
Five thousand years of money sound
Mine it up, melt it down
A fair exchange that keeps us sound
Print it up then it all goes down
Kings and queens with golden crowns
Five thousand years of empires founded
Make some war, win some ground
Just give us bread and circus clowns
To keep us down
words and music Elaine Diane Taylor

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