Rod and Ring

Rod and Ring : Elaine Diane Taylor

We live in an electric universe. Electromagnetic energy is behind everything, the yin and yang, the tension and release that runs everything from a mood to an empire, from music to the tingling when you think of someone special.

It’s interesting that science doesn’t know exactly how electromagnetic energy works, and I guess the same can be said for love. It’s created by taking an iron rod and moving it back and forth quickly inside an electrified coil of gold or copper. That’s how it’s made but we’re still figure out the why. Seemed like an interesting metaphor for love. And for life.

The male energy, yang, goes out and in, back and forth. It goes out and conquers and then comes home. The yin female energy goes in cycles, around and round as it maintains the system. Spring, summer, fall, winter, and around again. It’s a coil that maintains while the male energy goes out and conquers and comes back with new resources to gain energy again. It’s a routine that keeps any closed system perpetual. A family, a relationship, a company, a country… a song.

If the closed system extends its reach and goes out, and out and out and doesn’t return home to maintain then it runs out of energy and the system dies. If the female energy maintains and the system never goes out and extends its reach, then the system dies as it runs out of resources. It’s a swing. A pendulum. Swinging one way until tension causes it to stop and swing the other way.

It’s a rod and ring, on a pendulum swing. Through time, around a wheel the pendulum swings. Time changes the wheels from wood, to steel to oil, but it’s a wheel and that’s how history repeats itself. The territory down the road is different but the wheel goes round.


August 2012

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