Waves of Water and Energy

Elaine Diane Taylor – We Know How it Goes (Rise and Fall of Empires)

words and music copyright 2009 Intelligentsia Media

performance copyright 2012 Intelligentsia Media


Actions are like waves on the ocean. When two waves are high and come together they double in height. If waves that meet are opposites, one high and one low, then they cancel each other out and there is calmness. In nature, and in people, our actions are filled with energy that is transferred to whom and what we come in contact with.

We feel the waves of energy and moods coming towards us from others, and we create our own which spread out like water waves all around us.

If we enter a chaotic situation, where someone is angry, for example, we can choose to face the person or to remove ourselves. If we bring an opposite energy of equal intensity then we can mollify the situation and bring calmness, but we spend our own energy in the process.  If it’s a group of angry people, or a mob, then you as an individual do not have the energy to cancel it, no matter how righteous your position. This is where some citizen tries to stand up to a mob who are looting, trying to talk the crowd into reason, and ends up being beaten. There is no reason in a mob. The energy of the waves combining and doubling, and doubling again, combines into a tsunami. That built up energy releases somewhere or it dissipates over time, just like a water wave. It will damage you hard if you happen to be close and in the way. Society rules of fairness and kindness do not exist. It’s the Borg with one mind.

Read the weather, watch if the clouds are gathering, and move aside to reserve your resources until the storm has passed and you can have control of your own situation again. Or join a collective who together have enough energy to be equal and opposite.

In an economic rage there’s an unraveling that has to occur when energy in the form of currency has been borrowed, lent and promised into the future.  The wave of money energy builds and has to go somewhere.

There is always an intensity that comes when resources are limited. The feelings of empathy and sharing are put aside until the survival needs are taken care of. In this kind of situation even the kindest and most generous of souls are confronted with the notion that they must lie or steal in order to preserve their own survival needs. Those are the times when the rule of law takes over from the rules of society which usually guide us all day-to-day.

Countries and relationships both move in the pendulum swing of the tension and release cycle. They have resources they get from somewhere in exchange for something else of equal value, then they exchange them for other things in order to maintain the closed system.

Trouble comes when you add the little elements of time and interest. Make a promise to pay in the future for something used today and you have added a dimension of uncertainty. Promise to pay in the future for a luxury you consumed today and it gets tricky when the economy goes into a winter cycle. There’s no eternal summer. How can you predict the future? Are you watching the cycles? House prices can’t rise forever. Nothing rises forever.

The rules of society which ensure payment in good times ends up becoming a slippery slope of mud when times are bad and trust is gone.

As long as we all agree to play by the same rules we can create the future where the debts and promises are repaid. Historically, in good times a society lives on promises and favours and the status that comes with the ability to give and take care of others. When trust goes bad and the powerful start pilfering for their own good then it goes downhill. Unfortunately those with the fewest resources in their storehouses feel it first.

In a closed system, when all members sacrifice personal immediate gain for the good of the system then the system is stronger and each individual comes out ahead. If just one person in power seeks to personally benefit at the system’s expense then that one person comes out ahead, far ahead, and everyone else suffers. That is what is happening now with fiat currency.

Quantitative Easing? The friends of the ones in power will come out ahead, and all the rest of us will suffer for it. The way to solve a problem of too much debt is not more debt.

The individuals who looted the system for themselves will come out ahead and then remove themselves while the system crashes and everyone else is thrown into survival mode until all the debt is cleared.

It’s a tsunami of epic proportion. It’s the kind of economic wave that rises and falls, rises and falls, bigger and bigger, then the leaders go into debt to get re-elected with promises of free bread and circuses, then the country becomes weaker and can’t pay for the maintenance of roads and healthcare and infrastructure. Their intent isn’t to sink the ship, it’s to personally profit, so they borrow for war and the financiers pocket the profit.

It’s the game of coins and crowns. It’s a pendulum swing. It’s the wave that ends an Empire.

We know how it goes.

September 2, 2012

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