Helplessly Hoping – Gold Falls Down

The price of gold and silver have dropped suddenly and people are feeling anxious. It matches this music well.

Marshall MacLuhen said all technology is an extension of us. My guitar is a form of technology and is an extension of my arm. And not just my arm, but my emotions; a way of reading what’s really going on below.

One of the things I like about live project recording in the wild, as opposed to produced recordings in a studio, is that you can get a good read on raw emotion. There’s a connection in one take that is hard to create in multitracking and piecing together sentences, phrases, or one word at a time. For this project it’s tilted to one side and ends abruptly with a sharp, unexpected push of the “stop” button. It matches events in life. It matches current world events.

I don’t think of music or art as a product. Music is an event. An experience. There’s a connection, not in particular with an audience as co-creator in a product, but a connection of ideas and emotions that we as humans, as creatures with a soul, all feel in cycles as events. We feel it personally, and we feel it as a community and as countries.

Music extends the concept of “now” so we can drop into theta waves and think long thoughts, connecting concepts. We can connect with that creation together, maybe in an idea, or a frequency that is being played in our bodies at the same time. Think of it like the tension and release of certain frequencies creating an emotional bond. We come to a social agreement when we physically shake hands, or hug, or kiss. It’s a tension and release that bonds us.

We vibrate in harmony and feel connected.

Here in the song Helplessly Hoping, Stephen Stills of the band Crosby, Stills and Nash, has written a beautiful song with such yearning, that talks of this bond. We all want to be “one”. “One” with a gentle, true spirit that we can touch, reach, and be a part of.

A gentle, true spirit.

We will run, run, run towards that person.Elaine.Fraser.6

The wonder, beauty, and tension and release of being in the presence of another being who gives us a feeling of “oneness” is what we are helpless to control, and hoping to reach.


Decisions aren’t always easy to make regarding creating this bond. At times there are unreadable signs and no clear clues from our environment. Times when it’s hard to choose which is the best course of action.

Like trying to guess the outcome in the middle of a coin toss. We have to let gravity do its thing, and let the coin fall where it falls before a smart decision can be made.

Calmness in uncertainty comes from living through a few uncertain cycles, or learning from  the stories of those who have.

Why be anxious when there is no relation between what you do or do not do, and the final outcome. By gathering stories from the past we can be calm and live in the now.

I think this is the combination of feelings in the song Helplessly Hoping. The “helplessly” part reflects how little control we have, and the “hoping” is the way we build tension and release into the future. Hope is an investment of energy.Elaine.Fraser.2

Here’s a little info. on Crosby, Stills and Nash, and some info. on the album where the song Helplessly Hoping was first released in 1969.

Neil Young wrote a note to CSN when he parted from the band, and he added the line, “Eat a peach.” George R. R. Martin had his character, Renly Baratheon, give a peach to Stannis Baratheon as they ended a brotherly relationship in the Game of Thrones book series Ice and Fire. I like to think that George Martin was a fan, giving Neil Young a shout out.

I’m a big George Martin fan. I’ve got a shout out to him in one of my songs too.

If you follow markets and precious metals you will have seen the sharp drop in the price of gold and silver in terms of dollars. It’s an example of being calm in uncertainty. If the market is manipulated by powerful hands, and it certainly seems to be, then resting in the most solid thing while chaos ensues is the best course of action. The fundamentals haven’t changed. The printing of more paper dollars vs. gold means gold becomes more valuable. The west seems to be selling and the east seems to be buying. Nothing has changed. The cycle is moving as it does when an empire falls and power changes hands. There’s turmoil in the middle while we’re all looking for our security, but that’s part of the package.

Calmness in uncertainty. Letting the coin spin in the air. Sitting back. Helplessly hoping.

Helplessly Hoping

Elaine Diane Taylor

words and music Stephen Stills

Used by Permission.

performance copyright 2013 Intelligentsia Media Inc.

Available soon on iTunes

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