Water Woe – Fukushima Pouring Radiation into the Pacific




The power plant operator, TEPCO, turned a $4.8 billion profit last year. At the same time they’re pouring untreated radiation filled water into the Pacific Ocean.

As of the end of March 2014 the decontamination of Fukushima water may be suspended indefinitely.

Distress is rife in families who were evacuated due to Fukushima.

Is it dangerous to the west coast of North America?

Tuna tested off the coast of Oregon and Washington have higher levels of radiation due to Fukushima, but scientists say it’s not at a level that’s harmful.

A citizen on Twitter posted that many people around her have cancer. It’s not scientific, but it’s good to keep an eye on first hand experiences if there are many from unrelated sources.

Two citizens of a town 10 km from the Fukushima power plant say the town is dead. Radiation is everywhere.

Citizen scientists are crowdfunding to have the waters off of Vancouver tested for radiation. Why isn’t the government doing this if the impact to health and fisheries is of concern to the citizens? If the media and alternative media are reporting swings from “no worries” to “death to all of humankind” it’s just good to have some clear data.

Radiation kills yet Mr. Syunichi Yamashita, the Fukushima Radiation Health Risk Adviser, said in a presentation uploaded to YouTube July 2, 2011 that if you smile then radiation won’t kill you.

So we probably can’t count on the official Fukushima Radiation Health Risk team to give us some straight up information.

If the water is pouring unfiltered into the Pacific, and the fish live in the water, eat the things that live in the water, and are eaten by other things in the water, then I’d like to know where that dead water is flowing.

So I’ll be watching the crowdfunded radiation tests, and I’m looking into getting a geiger counter for my own readings. If I do I’ll let you know what I’m finding.

Water woe.

The folk song Water Woe is a dirge just on the edge of being too slow — a tad uncomfortable because pouring radiation into the ocean is a tad uncomfortable.

Water Woe

Eleven March and the ocean starts
to change the face of fear
Near and far in an unseen war
and death is all I hear
Time will tell of the swelling hell
of lies and face to save
Tanks of death and containment left
Pouring out the graves

Water woe
Water woe
All life will go… where the dead water flows

Tide and wind exposing sins
that change the face of fear
Farther still on the west coast will
silence facts to hear
Smile to live, lies that give
a war of a different name
Leaks and pouring death and more
an unknown endless shame

Water woe
Water woe
All life will go
…where the dead water flows



words and music Elaine Diane Taylor
© 2014 Intelligentsia Media, Inc.


available soon on iTunes





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