Interview Podcast – Elaine Diane Taylor – Double Crossed Radio August 14, 2014

The song Bitcoin Barbarians is about pattern recognition.

Here’s my blog article on my thoughts about Calvin & Hobbes and Bitcoin:

As an empire rises and falls there are repeats and rhymes, and crypto-currencies fall into this category. It matters less which digital currency is adopted and more about the fact that the average person benefits and the worldwide adoption will most likely follow the bell curve.

BC_Logo_Just as we saw the citizens of Rome open the gates to let in the barbarians, we’re seeing a new technology bringing a new kind of money, and being let in by those looking for relief from the looting of those currently holding the power.

We don’t know what the monetary system will look like after the U.S. dollar loses its world reserve status, but we can see some patterns over time.

Here’s a link to the hour long interview with Chuck Horton and Drew Lamb of northern California’s internet radio station Double Crossed Radio:,_David_and_Chuck-8-14-2014.mp3

We’re discussing Bitcoin as a form of money, money as a form of media, and the benefits to the average person.

I see Bitcoin’s advantage as a form of currency more than a store of value.

shutterstock_72376816As far as a store of value in times of upheaval and change, I’m solidly for gold and silver. As a currency for easy purchases between international borders, I really like Bitcoin.

With the upheaval in financial, economic, social and health issues, it’s good for each person to own a little gold or silver. In history, gold’s value rises when inflation causes a currency to fall. The Federal Reserve printed more and more dollars so each dollar out there will fall in value. Inflation is here and will continue to rise. Have a little gold as a hedge. Have a coin or two of silver or gold. It’s security for whatever may go on in this wild world.

Thanks to those who listened in to the live broadcast, and for the support of Bitcoin Barbarians.

Bitcoin Barbarians
words and music Elaine Diane Taylor
©2013 Intelligentsia Media, Inc. SOCAN/ASCAP

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