Happy New Year … and …. Run!

Happy New Year

It’s a new year and a new beginning. Not because it must be so on January 1st by some law of physics, but because we have all agreed that it is.

And so, with that, my new beginning is more about listening to a voice inside and less about a linear step-by-step path pointed at by others.

When I think about advice I’ve heard from the generation before, placed against what I’ve learned through personal intense times and words I tell to the generation after, I firmly believe that the best decision is always this: Run towards the thing that brings you joy.

Forget about the things you want to run away from, and all the people or situations that bring you stress, and run instead towards whatever it is that fills you with joy.


Everything else will sort itself out.

Of all the repeating voices I’ve heard, inside and out, that have said music and art are not mature decisions, I have listened to a few distinct timbres with a heavier weight than others. What was I looking for? Fear of disapproval? Their idea of security and money?

Everyone’s joy is different. You can’t find joy by fulfilling someone else’s idea of it.

And money is only a conduit — a medium that carries value from one place to another. Someone recently said to me that the only reason you get money is to give it to someone else. That’s true. It’s a medium of exchange, a transient where we negotiate the value of things or acts; money is not the thing itself.

So, returning to the running and the joy, it is not money that is the end goal, and it’s not someone else’s idea of joy that will ever be fulfilling. Joy is the success, and the challenges and triumphs that pass by act to support and create quality in that success.

If you’re wondering what to do next then run. Full force. As you’re running new ideas will come. Ideas you couldn’t have thought of before you set off. And those fantastic ideas come along with wonderful people running in the same direction.

Maybe we’re going the same way at the same time. How fun is that?

My joy involves creating music, along with being in the woods and nature, esoteric truths and ancient things, electromagnetic energy, live events where we feel our highest selves, and creating art and beauty, all entwined with gold in its physical and symbolic states.

May you find your joy in this new year.

The 3 Minute Gold News will be back and evolving shortly. Two songs are down already.

Happiest of New Years to you, and thank you to the over 60,000 visitors who have come by these pages.






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