I’m currently studying geology (gold), economics (rising and falling empires and fiat currencies) and communications (media influence, international goings on and power imbalances).

I’ve been in the publishing field as a publisher, editor and business owner.

My deep love is figuring out my own idea for ‘why’ things go on, and then songwriting, singing and playing guitar to experience the idea. To be a conduit for a group of people feeling the same thing at the same time is beautiful and powerful.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was about ten, and my Yamaha acoustic has been in my hands since I was seventeen. I’ve worn through jeans on the right thigh where it sits hour after hour, day after day, and months and years. Most people just wear through the knees. Not me. I wore out the right top thigh first. ;)

gerritsI had a comment on youtube saying something about being a hippy on the beach. I love the beach. I love organics, peace and long hair, but probably wouldn’t qualify as a hippy.

I’m more of an ethical capitalist. I’d love to be a hippy. :)

I’m happily living on the west coast of Canada, where I spend time in the woods and walking on the beaches of Spanish Banks.

I believe empires rise and fall. I believe fiat currencies always fails. I see both beliefs colliding in the not so distant future.


My other loves include gold, silver, making music, understanding why societies and relationships (closed systems) rise and fall, and making everyday things like food and soap. I like to make everything. I love to sing without thinking about who is hearing. I’ve gold smithed and wear a little gold heart necklace I made. I plan on doing more. I like the electric universe, ancient archeology and new ideas. I see a cup half full with more ready to be poured in.

There’s a little bit about me.

Apparently gold comes from the stars. As if the gold community didn’t know that already. ;)

Sometimes we build our lives out of gold.

Here’s a song about remembering the gold.

This is called Sometimes.


words and music Elaine Diane Taylor

©2013 Intelligentsia Media Inc.


from the album Coins and Crowns

Available on iTunes

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