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Elaine.PittMeadows.Nov2013Elaine Diane Taylor

Vancouver, Canada singersongwriter.

There are systems that are true in every area of life.

People tend to do similar things in similar situations, and this brings a repeat in personal events and world events.

I believe that history is a wheel. Or maybe, more specifically, that past and present and future are all going around a wheel. The terrain changes, but we go around and around the same events.  Seasons happen to the earth, and to all of us who are part of it.

I believe we can ride on the rim, down a smooth road with the sun in our faces, then suddenly find ourselves turning over the edge into the mud. There’s no fault or blame, it’s part of change and movement. The wheel keeps moving, and given a little time we see the sun again.

I see the western empire crashing because of a corrupt banking system, possibly pulling all the economies on earth down into the mud with it, but we’ll come out of it. All chaos is not bad and all order is not good. Over time we learn to see the mud coming, personally and as a people, and we can move to the center of the wheel ahead of the discomfort, annoyance, and embarrassment.

That’s my interest: there’s no centrifugal force in the center of a wheel.

There are overwhelming world events happening, both politically and in earth changes. Countries are jostling for a new power balance as the United States goes into economic insolvency. Earthquakes and climate extremes bring added hardship. But even in dark times we can make a happy life and enjoy love and family, friends and security. Our priorities just shift.

Keeping still in the center of the wheel while a storm passes is part of learning how it all works. Know when you’re a raindrop, recognizing when it’s a waste of energy to fight a storm. Know when to join other raindrops and become your own storm.

Yin and Yang and the physics model of string theory are just different ways of saying the same thing: life balances itself out. Everything goes through tension and release. More tension brings more release.

We had a super long economic summer so odds are we’ll go through a super long economic winter.  Gold and silver were always money when this happened before, so odds are they’ll be our money again. The earth went through some pretty major changes in the past and will probably do it again. I suggest prepping a little security for laying low, as things are getting rocky and the road ahead looks like a mud pit.

I believe we can have closed systems that are sustainable, with a kind balance and a sharing of resources. Love. Food. Land. Time. Money. Did you know that with electricity, when there’s a closed system, the part with more energy loses its extra, and it flows into the part with less energy until there is balance? I think it’s the same with relationships. I believe in not entering into closed systems until we test and see that the other(s) want the same thing we want. Sometimes a banker, for instance, isn’t looking for the best outcome for the most participants. Some want profit at others’ expense.  Dysfunctional relationships are like this. Financial fiat systems are definitely like this. And sometimes, it’s time to cut and run.

Gold and Silver
Throughout history gold and silver have always been the stable store of value. Many empires have printed paper money and stored their precious metals in a vault, but the tendency is to print more paper than metals to back it. Leaders have always done this to fund wars and to give citizens benefits that the government cannot pay for. Giving citizens free bread and circuses gets leaders re-elected. But someone pays. Free for one means payment for others.

Free bread and circuses was big in Rome. Then the empire crashed. Eventually fiat currencies all fail, every time, and the citizens return to gold and silver.  The value of the paper currency goes down with each new printing of dollars without gold to back it. The price of goods goes up.  This is the banking bailout that just happened in the United States. Each new dollar created dilutes the ones already circulating around. So costs go up.

Round and round we go. For the first time in history, virtually all of the paper currencies in the world are becoming worthless at the same time, as governments print more paper to fund wars, and to try to pay back debts with devalued paper dollars. Think Weimar Republic. Think Zimbabwe. Think Argentina. In Germany, before WWII a person who saved their wages their whole life would cash in their life savings, and all they could buy was a loaf of bread. That is hyperinflation. That can happen again.

We go around this wheel of time with different scenery to the same plot lines. As the story unfolds how can we take the path of least resistance and make the best peace possible for the greatest number? I’d love to be part of making that happen.

The Fall of the American Reserve Dollar and Fiat Currencies
When thing go too far off balance it seems the universe uses equal and opposite force to bring it all back. Sometimes very quickly. I don’t think the world’s energy problem is a matter of finding a new energy source to power our cars and to ship trinkets around the world. The current industrial lifestyles are not sustainable. Too few in the world consume the majority of goods while too many are desperate. There isn’t enough energy, or resources, or goodwill in the management of limited resources. So just like in everything else, when there isn’t enough to go around, the powerful take care of themselves and their friends first.  And just like in history, when the majority wake up to this fact they will become a little perturbed. The rich own the media outlets and can use persuasion to convince the masses all is well. For a while. But when it hits a tipping point, like a fiscal cliff, then the masses protests and governments are overthrown.

The present money system is a Titanic in slow motion. The captain and crew are jumping into lifeboats and loading them with supplies while we’re locked below in debt. Check the weather. Check the windows. Don’t listen to the government sponsored loudspeaker.

The banks in Japan lent to the world at near zero interest a few years ago, while starving out their own citizens, which led to banks around the world borrowing this money frantically, adding a few percentage points, and flooding America with cheap loans. This new money went into the housing market, people bought second and third houses at near zero percent, so prices shot up, everyone remortgaged in the hopes of higher and higher equity. An eternal economic summer. But when there was no one left to borrow money, it crashed. Now economic winter is coming. In equal proportion to the fake economic summer on debt dollars.

Keep this system of infinite growth going? It means more and more paper dollars, bailouts, and also the money needed to pay the interest on the loans created too.

When a person borrows money from a bank, the bank does not take money from it’s vaults to lend to the individual; it creates new money. The bank must only hold 10% of the loan in cash in their vault (or on their balance sheet). The rest they just make up. Out of thin air. Backed by no gold or silver or anything at all but the promise from the individual that the bank will be paid back. The Federal Reserve, a private company, makes money out of thin air for their own profit. “Federal” is just a name. They are not part of the federal government. They are just a company, like McDonalds.

Everything seems to swing between fear and greed. As everything in our lives swings between tension and release. Yin and Yang. Light and dark. Too much stillness is death, too much tension is death. Life is in the swinging.

Every empire falls when it goes into debt for wars. They loot the loser and steal their gold, oil and minerals, and then they crash into a depression when fear strikes and they can’t pay their debts.

It’s about to crash when you see the insiders loot the gold and run. Like the banks and the leaders today. The ones who look out the window and see the storm clouds gathering take the umbrellas before the first drop hits. Extra umbrellas go to friends.

Rudyard Kipling
Rudyard Kipling was a Pulitzer prize winning author around the time of the fall of the British Empire. He wrote about the very things we are seeing today. He wrote of coming wars and pain as people leave common sense and swing into greed in the marketplace. His predictions came true with World War II, and they are still true now.

The Gods of the Copybook Headings

Electromagnetic Energy and the Universe and our Bodies
I think there’s something fundamental here that powers our lives. Our earth has meridians carrying electricity through the minerals and around the globe, just like our bodies do. Rod and ring. Our bodies have iron and copper just like the earth does. How do you make electromagnetic energy? A rod of iron and a coil of copper or gold. You pass electricity through the coil and then move the rod of iron back and forth inside the coil. This makes powerful electromagnetic energy. There is something there.

The Effect of Music on the Physical Body
Cymatics is facinating. Photos of cymatics are beautiful. Sound at different frequencies moves material to make physical patterns that become more and more complex as the music rises in pitch. Music does not just affect us emotionally, it also affects us physically.

Relationships and Social Contracts
Healthy relationships, sustainable ones, have each person sacrificing for the greater good of the partnership. When one gives and the other just smiles and accepts, without giving back, it becomes a drain on the giver. If the taker manipulates the giver to get more, it’s dysfunctional. You, the giver, are free to leave. You should leave. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada states you have the right to think and say whatever you want. If you’re with someone, a person or group, who does not give you this freedom then you’re free to leave. You should leave. If the taker can see it and change then all good, if not, there are many, many fantastic people and groups out there who have fair social contracts.

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