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  1. Who are you? I read through a lot of staid economic stuff and suddenly there’s this beautiful face and this beautiful voice and someone with depth. I have to admit to being totally intrigued. Thanks, Jack Lind

  2. Hi,
    Love your blog, I think you’re a thoughtful person, but you should know that the world’s military (including the U.S.) has made no secret of trying to work with Cold Fusion scientists to implement LENR.

    In fact, the Swedish military is partnering with Rossi to test his “ECATS” for heating their bases. However, I totally agree with you that the large corporations simply cannot be trusted, and are deliberately nay-saying LENR (and viciously attacking it’s proponents) because they will not profit from Cold Fusion, but will be able control and sell Hot Fusion. LENR will be a one-time purchase with minimal maintenance for the world, while Hot Fusion will be sold, billed on a revolving basis, and of course – taxed.

    We are probably of different political persuasions, but I’ve always held that Liberals and Conservatives are actually necessary for a healthy and free society. That said, it is tragic that the forces have set us against each other, when we are truly partners in construction free societies.

    It is the Leftist that are the true cancer, and oddly enough, it seems the leadership in both parties, and the corporate boardroom are increasingly dominated by hard core progressive statists.

    It is our duty to insure Rossi and others are allowed to present LENR to the world and insist it is all that is promised: nearly free, clean, and abundant energy…


    Titus Corleone

  3. I just found your site and I am getting up to speed. Thank you for your thoughts and talent.
    Best wishes from New Zealand.

  4. Hello Elaine:
    Your writings regarding money, gold, cycles and faltering empires are from a very human and thoughtful angle. I discovered you through a retweet from Jim Rickards, someone I follow. I’m reading his latest book now.
    Your singing and lyrics are wonderful!

  5. Hi Elaine,
    I loved your article on your experience in the Tesla and hanging out at Mikes house.. Because i was there! :) It was beautifully written like i was there all over again! :) It was great meeting you! Mili xx

  6. you go girl. I just ‘found’ you thru max, and gods of the copy book is my favorite poem for a year since finding it on, another site i visit weekly for their commentary.
    carry on, young-one. Your heart is true.

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