Tarantula Days

Tarantula Days

words and music Elaine Diane Taylor

You were arrayed in blazing armour

fearlessly saving me in my distress

I must confess I held you with highest esteem

but now it seems you’re only a man

I had to leave you there in solitude

Oh how it pained to learn to save myself

but up on a shelf I’ve held you with highest esteem

and now it seems I look you straight in the eye

And I loved you, I loved you more than the moon loves the sun

I needed, I needed more, more and more

That pressure, that pressure you’d bare

’til I could stand, walk away, and take it from there

Seeing your face again, heaven

Emotion pouring more than I could contain

we can remain a ways now in silence

forgetting those tragic tarantula days

now there’s only painted pink tarantula days

Elaine Diane Taylor

spring 2000

copyright 2000 Intelligentsia Media Inc.

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