What’s the “Occupy” Agenda?


In the cycles of a society using fiat currency, there’s the inevitable overuse and printing of more currency than the value of the society’s assets.

If they need money for war, they print. If they need money to give bread and circuses to the population to get re-elected, they print. If they owe favours, they print.

This brings higher prices for goods and services and lowers the number of jobs, because people aren’t buying as many goods and services.

So we get lower incomes, which lowers amount of purchasing, which increases hunger, which leads to anger.

The people who received the fiat currency in the form of low interest loans do great. Everyone else? Not so much.

Eventually the anger leads to protests.

That’s where we’re at right now.

Ezra Klein from the Washington post states the feeling quite well: http://tinyurl.com/69my89g

The “Occupy” movements are gaining momentum, but are chaotic at the moment because the people are not sure what’s wrong. Some want more regulation, some want revolution. They’re in the process of honing down what the movement is about.

Many are angry that they played by the rules and aren’t getting ahead, while they see some who didn’t play by the rules doing just fine.

Eventually, as happened in history, the distrust leads to reduced credit, which will in turn lead to people put their money into something without counterparty risk. I believe eventually that thing will be gold, silver and other tangible things of value. I believe we’ll go back to some kind of a gold standard.

A game of coins and crowns.

Coins and Crowns
copyright 2011 Intelligentsia Media

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