Gold and Silver Jump Up

So gold just jumped up $34 an ounce to $1,735.30 US, and silver just jumped $.97 in 24 hours to $33.68. They seem to be sticking.

Sometimes the easy-in-easy-out investor buys quickly when the metals are on a fast incline, like yesterday. Then they watch, and as soon as there’s a teeny dip they sell quick and pocket the profit. This hasn’t happened yet. That would mean that these are regular buyers who were thinking about it, watching the events in the world, looking to buy gold and silver as something stable, and then went “holy crap” when it jumped up quickly, and bought there small investment. That’s a sane thing to do if you knew you were going to buy it and were waiting for it to dip down.

It’s all a best guess. Even the gurus can’t tell the future. But they really can tell us about larger patterns and cycles. For example: Gold and silver historically go up in September. Hmmm. Nice to know. What we don’t know this time around is if it will go back down again later. And even if it does go down a bit, how far?

The world is becoming more unstable by the day. It doesn’t have to mean personal doom, but it means that it’s a good idea to watch the weather (metaphorically speaking), and prepare for winter.

Every economy goes through the cycles of spring, summer, fall and winter.

Just because your parents borrowed money and bought a house doesn’t mean it’s a good time for you to. It might be a good time to wait on that. They might have been in a spring economy, we are now in the dying days of fall, and the last withered leaves are twisting in the wind on bare branches. That’s when its best to consolidate resources and group together for a time.

We don’t freak out when the regular winter comes, because we look at the past winters for our particular climate and prep for it. No big deal. Snow? I need some mittens. Ice? I need a scraper. No biggie.

But now it’s making more than a few weather-watchers nervous because there isn’t really a pattern for this coming winter yet. It’s like George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones – “Winter is Coming” writ large. Mr. Martin is a brilliant writer, and I think he’s telling us a few stories within his story.

We’ve just had the largest economic artificial summer the world has even seen. When we should have gone into winter and killed off the bad businesses and debts and started again with a spring, instead the U.S. just created more fiat currency back with no collateral to keep the bad businesses going. This helped out some personal friends of theirs who received the funds, and screwed the rest of the American public. It made an artificial summer with easy credit to buy holidays and bar fridges. Someone has to pay the bill. First the American citizens with loss of value in their homes, loss of jobs, loss of value in their currency. That’s just starting to play out. It’s going to hit hard after the US election is over. Now it’s felt by the rest of the world, who have to use their rotten currency to buy oil. Doesn’t make the other countries too happy to play that game. No one wants America’s winter snow trucked to their hometowns. Jerks.

So now we will get the Mother-of-all-Winters.

The real economic game going on behind the scenes isn’t something we’ll ever see. The larger player can give out info or disinfo, or any combination of both, with better technology that you or I see. I still watch for signs, and read alternative news, but it’s the bigger systems and patterns I’m looking at.

I trust that the larger principles in the universe keep on going no matter what this little piece of galaxy is doing.

Cycles come and go. Individuals step up to take the roles needed to play the parts. I get swept up in the storm or I see it and step aside. It’s all part of life. We learn. We grow. We get lessons we’d rather avoid and we face them or they swamp us.

Even if the world is in turmoil I can have peace around me. I can run towards the things that bring me joy. Winter comes to everyone, individually and collectively. When it does it’s freaking cold physically and emotionally. People who were kind become cruel. Generosity becomes survival. Just for a time. It’s just a season and Spring will always come again. Hope and Spring.

Watch the weather. Prepare ahead. Laying low with people you love, hold a mug of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire, is way more fun than the alternative.

We know how it goes. ;)


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