3 Minute Gold News – Jim Rickards – Gold & Bitcoin – August 9, 2017

3 Minute Gold News – Jim Rickards – Gold & Bitcoin –  August 9, 2017

Gold, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. How they tie in with the US, Donald Trump, North Korea and Game of Thrones dragons.

Rod and Ring

Rod and Ring

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9zpXNBDjE0 Rod and Ring Elaine Diane Taylor Here are two concepts to hold at once: we swing as we move in cycles. Every empire and every market and every life... swings as it moves in cycles. Like a pendulum and a wheel at the same time. Like day and night inside the spinning seasons. And [...]

Coins and Crowns Album

Coins and Crowns Available on iTunes This is a live recording. A snap shot in time. The attention is in each word and phrase, the implications of each word, and how our society is quickly evolving. Here I am alone. I engineered, consisting of pressing "record" and walking across the room to pick up the [...]

new album

I'm just finishing the mastering and liner notes for the quiet release of a folk album. It covers love, loss, politics, geopolitical movement, electromagnetic yin and yang energy, peace, rising and falling empires, quantitative easing, and ben bernanke's helicopter. Just a few things that are on my mind. ;) A few lyrics: (from "We Know [...]

Gold and Silver Jump Up

So gold just jumped up $34 an ounce to $1,735.30 US, and silver just jumped $.97 in 24 hours to $33.68. They seem to be sticking. Sometimes the easy-in-easy-out investor buys quickly when the metals are on a fast incline, like yesterday. Then they watch, and as soon as there's a teeny dip they sell [...]


Elaine Diane Taylor – The Stone words and music Elaine Diane Taylor words and music © 2004 Intelligentsia Media performance © 2012 Intelligentsia Media SOCAN / ASCAP When we look into a mirror and see a spot of something on our faces, we brush the spot off of our face, we don’t wipe the spot [...]