3 Minute Gold News – Jim Rickards – Gold & Bitcoin – August 9, 2017

Gold, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. How they tie in with the US, Donald Trump, North Korea and Game of Thrones dragons.

Rod and Ring

Rod and Ring Elaine Diane Taylor Here are two concepts to hold at once: we swing as we move in cycles. Every empire and every market and every life… swings as it moves in cycles. Like a pendulum and a wheel at the same time. Like day and night inside the spinning seasons. And if […]

Coins and Crowns Album

Coins and Crowns Available on iTunes This is a live recording. A snap shot in time. The attention is in each word and phrase, the implications of each word, and how our society is quickly evolving. Here I am alone. I engineered, consisting of pressing “record” and walking across the room to pick up the […]

new album

I’m just finishing the mastering and liner notes for the quiet release of a folk album. It covers love, loss, politics, geopolitical movement, electromagnetic yin and yang energy, peace, rising and falling empires, quantitative easing, and ben bernanke’s helicopter. Just a few things that are on my mind. ;) A few lyrics: (from “We Know […]