Heart of Gold

The little folk album Coins and Crowns is now available here on iTunes. Fun. :)

album cover Coins and Crowns

For the post explaining my thoughts behind this live folk album please see this post.

One of the songs on the album is a cover of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold.

It’s appropriate at this time. Not because I’m searching for someone who has a heart of gold, but because I’m mining for a heart of gold inside myself.

It doesn’t matter where we travel and what experiences come towards us, our future is shaped by our reactions, which come from our beliefs, our ideology, our heart.

In order to find our own heart we have to become still. Actually, this is a big part of this project: creating theta waves to calm a person down. Greater depth requires greater stillness.

As I slow down I see more clearly. I’m so happy with my life and even with all the dross in our hearts we’re so worth loving and being loved. Each of us are.

I can be brave and sweet, and I can give off a “leave me the hell alone” vibe at times. :)

I believe it’s important for us to run towards the things that we feel passionate about, the things that gives us the greatest joy and excitement. When we run towards them then space is created where they come towards us easily, like the path of least resistence. We don’t have to do all the work.

This is one of the reasons we can’t compare ourselves to others. Our own personal passions are unique. Only you know what moves you. It is the real you under all layers of expectations from society, from friends, or from your mother or father. The approval you seek is just you inside, knowing you are worth the experiences you dream of. When we see our own heart of gold then we know and feel how valuable we are.

If we’re not running towards what fills us with joy and excitement then it’s because there is something we’re afraid that the attainment will bring. I’m mining for a heart of gold so I can dig through those fears. A fear of success could bring unwanted attention? A fear of disapproval can bring rejection and loneliness. The fears can be addressed if they’re named and examined.

I’m mining to find my fears and passions and examine my own unique self…. my heart of gold.

“…and I’m getting old.”.  That’s a funny word. I look at old as meaning “better and better at it”.

Western civilization gives a chronological peak year span that’s pretty funny. And it’s different for each group and sub-group, so even if you made one group happy the other group rejects you. It creates a wall of fear around the idea that if you’re going to do something that you must do it now or else you will run out of time. Time. But time is malleable. Flexible. Turn towards the ones who feel the same way about time as you do.

In fact I believe that every moment, past, present and future, is all one moment and we’re looking at it from different angles. We learn about ourselves, and our hearts and our excitement, our own resonant frequency, by looking at what makes us tick from different angles.

It helps to think that what we’re running towards is a feeling, a vibration, an excitement, and that is not measured in society’s idea of time or money or status. For me I’m happiest when I’m just turning towards what makes me happy and forgetting the rest. And I’m ancient, I’m sure.. ;)

Everything flows through the path of least resistance. Whatever we focus our energy towards, good and bad, is what presents itself. We create this ourselves. We imagine it and our bodies react as though it’s true and those things that are out there and are similar come towards us.

Do I fear gaining weight? Then I’ll be constantly presented with situations where I have to decide whether to eat this or that. That’s not one of my fears. I don’t have issues around food, so I don’t concern myself with it when it presents itself. My personal fear has more to do with being so disapproved of that I’m obliterated from existence and ignored. So I’m constantly put in front of situations whether I have to choose whether to accept someone’s opinion of me. The fact that I’m here, creating outwardly instead of just inwardly shows me I’m having a good time moving towards that not being an issue for me anyone. We all have our own things.

It would be interesting to know what Neil Young was thinking of when he wrote Heart of Gold. I love his music. Love.

This is my take on Heart of Gold.

I’m mining in my own heart. Examining. Keeps me searching inside myself for a heart of gold.

Thank you for listening.



“the unexamined life isn’t worth living” socrates





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