Coins and Crowns Album

Coins and Crowns

Available on iTunes

This is a live recording. A snap shot in time.

The attention is in each word and phrase, the implications of each word, and how our society is quickly evolving.

Here I am alone. I engineered, consisting of pressing “record” and walking across the room to pick up the guitar, and then feel and begin.

This project was recorded at the home of friends in Vancouver, Canada. I was alone for many days in a row.

Most of this recording is done in one take. Very minimal editing.

My focus was on being in a space where I felt each word, each phrase, both vocally and with the guitar.

Here are my thoughts in this time and space:

Life is about living in our individual passion. Running towards what makes us  joyful.

This is my art recording. It’s my passion. It’s chilled.

Theta waves interest me. When we’re in theta waves our mind is calm and new ideas come in. We feel connected to others. Beta waves are for working, alpha waves are for relaxing, delta is for sleeping, but theta…well theta is for day dreaming and being our highest, most expansive selves.

I’m thinking of systems, and how they all tie together. Relationships and empires all go through cycles, and these things interest me. Social structures and how we sustain them interests me. Banking systems and the looting of resources, of people, of lives, of gold, and how the collective many come to a point where they overthrow and change that system is keenly in my passionate interest. How that system of power balance ties in to individual relationships, to religions and cults, to yin and yang and string theory, themes of geology, the sun, and how the earth is changing, this all interests me. And taking care of vulnerable things underpins it all.

This is Coins and Crowns. Just a little folk album. Thank you for listening.

album and all contents © 2012 Intelligentsia Media Inc.

Thank yous for the teaching, inspiration, technical help and supportive words to:

Mike Maloney and Dan Rubock at, the team at, Elaine Simpkis at, Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards at @jamesGrickards, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert at, Ben Davies at Hinde Capital, David Hayes (Slagter), Greg Monforton and Amity Mitchell, Gerrit McGowan at, Craig Marce, Troy Ross, Dave Spidel, Brad Thompson, Jodi Van Brunt, David Branter, Kate Hammett-Vaughan and everyone at the music school at VCC.


2 thoughts on “Coins and Crowns Album

  1. Elaine, You’ve made a beautiful piece of music here…..I love the sound technically, but most importantly it’s performed with a lovely warmth and from a peaceful place. I really am looking forward to hearing this CD ……over and over I’m betting. Love Dave


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