Gaza Escalation

Coins and Crowns | words and music Elaine Diane Taylor

While the new version of Coins and Crowns is being processed through iTunes I want to re-post the current slower version.

The tension in the middle east is escalating by the minute. There has been a build up of arms and anger and positions, and this ‘rocket firing’ by Hamas into Israel has been used as a trigger for Israel to make decisions that are not just beating the drums of war, but have brought war.

I sat on Twitter all day yesterday, checking mainstream media and alternative media as it unfolded.

Israel dropped leaflets into Gaza telling citizens to stay indoors and away from known terrorist locations. Alternative media dropped cyber leaflets by posting warnings for citizens of other countries to prepare by keeping cash on hand, full gas tanks and full cupboards. If it escalates then the financial systems can be affected, and an economic collapse is already looming.

Isreal warned they would shut off all communication and internet from Gaza, before they began bombing. Anonymous used Twitter to offer solutions and prevent it. “Not on our watch”, they said.

If it escalates then there is a possibility that other countries are joining on whichever side they support. Egypt is moving tanks. Israel has called up reservists. Palestinians have requested UN help.

It is so hard to sift through pages of data. There are multiple “truths”. The ability to falsify images and information is rampant in a national offense and defense situation. Propaganda and disinfo are important parts. Emotions are razor sharp. A trigger of any sort can pull support from a mass and turn events.

When power imbalance intensifies and the weaker position pushes against the powerful, the powerful tends to push overly hard in response, and to call on social capital and favours to condemn the weaker position’s push.

It’s very hard to see who is on what side. Peace is not a position you can take when your home is attacked. Peace comes when a further attack is not believed to be imminent, by force or diplomacy. So no peace yet.

I hope for a quick resolution. Not a band aid or a bullied cover up.

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