Fuel for Fire


Sometimes we build out of wood
We strike a match like we’ve understood
But we’ve got gasoline, baby,
We’ve got rain
And we pass back and forth a little flame
                             from “Sometimes” by Elaine Diane Taylor

Fuel for Fire by Matthew Ward is fragile.

It’s appropriate for a fragile and quiet mood. All of life moves like a pendulum, swinging while we’re spinning on a wheel, through cycles of spring, summer, fall and winter. Fragile to strong.

When your own world is fragile remember it’s just a small swing. The wheel always spins. The pendulum always swing. Move to the center of the wheel where there’s no centrifugal force and be peaceful.

Let the world do a little spin of it’s own. It will bring you wonderful things soon.

This song was recorded one quiet night. One mic. One take. One quiet mood.

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