Fear is unique and individual. Just as love is.

What seems a ridiculously easy adventure to one, can be a devastating block to another.

Empathy is the need when there’s fear swirling. Not because we feel the same fear as someone we care for, or because we can understand why such a simple step is beyond their ability. Empathy is the need because we are all human, and fear is part of our ability to expand and develop.

The energy of compassion and the comaraderie in just being there and listening, is what holds us together.

We are all unique. Highs and lows. Strengths and weaknesses. Joining with others and giving our strengths, and laying low through our weaknesses, is part of how we are all connected.

Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” isn’t specifically about fear, but part of my interpretation is how we confront the tension of love with the fear of loss. To love another is to give them power over us. To lose something of ourselves to them.

We lose ourselves and gain that overwhelming feeling of “Hallelujah”. It makes us incredibly vulnerable; it is the ultimate fear. We gain, in love, a thing that is greater than we had alone. Yet to obtain the greater thing we must first give ourselves, without an assurance that it will be returned.

There it is. The fear and the empathy.



Elaine Diane Taylor – Hallelujah

word and music by Leonard Cohen

Used by Permission.

performance copyright 2010 Intelligentsia Media Inc.

available on iTunes

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