When the Gods of the Marketplace Marry the Gods of the Copybook Headings

Words by Rudyard Kipling
Music by Elaine Diane Taylor
©2009 Intelligentsia Media Inc.
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The marriage of art and market must see each attend to its own needs first, then blend to take advantage of each ones best self. That way the sum is equal to more than just the addition of the two.

It makes a third: time.

Art must remain an idea or understanding at a particular moment, fully concentrating on the expression of that idea. This forms bonds with ideas already existing in the observer.

If it is made without one eye on profit then it can become it’s own breath and entity . Truth in the highest most expansive ideal, without sacrificing the greater good for personal gain. It cannot communicate that moment of understanding and bonding if it is compromised by the marketplace.

Profit is good. Support for art is good. Curating respect for the market is all good, but it is not art.

Art is being brave enough to be in ambiguity and motion, without a resolution and an end to a story. There is no end. Reality is always changing. Knowing there are many wheels in motions, ripples on the pond, going out and back, is when we can develop ideas of how we fit into this movement. Art is making its own waves while the boat is still rocking.

Crudely stated – art does not care if it is distributed or liked.

shutterstock_8624947The marriage of art and market is time, as it packages an understanding of reality and then extends it, distributes it, and this connects us. A mutual reality. And since reality is malleable it brings security that we belong. We. A society. Security in motion. The past, present and future all happening at once inside the reality of how we, however many we are, believe it to be.

If everything is tension and release, energy, yang and yin, then that emotion and understanding that art has created and joined us with, moves us together in a mutual tension and release. It connects with the marketplace and expands to more souls who can join in the same understanding.

This is society. This is how we are one. This is how an old regime is taken over by a new. This is why an old regime does not want change, does not want new art with freedom of voice to be distributed unless the present market is driving it.

This is why artists are on the forefront of society moving through an age, and overturning the inevitably corrupt one. Because they are creating it. They are curating it. They are literally making it.

And if they are free from the fear of lack of market then the ideas and art they create, and we all join with, is also free from a fear of lack.

There’s something we can all get behind.

Not creating a fear of lack, because there is no idea of a fear of lack which gives thought to art that develops that notion.

Pure art. Pure market. Together respecting each other and being supported in their individual highest selves.

The gods of the copybook headings teach societal gain which brings personal gain, and the gods of the marketplace teach personal gain at other’s expense. The perfect marriage is the marketplace expanding the idea of the copybook headings.

With relation to gold and silver, watch how society’s idea of what is valuable goes back to precious metals when an era is changing. Watch a documentary here. Look at the charts here, listen to some researchers here. Watch the CBC documentary on how gold prices may be manipulated by those those who don’t want a new regime.

Times are changing. Watch the artists.

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