Coins and Crowns featured in Mike Maloney’s Mini Doc on Inflation

Kings and queens with golden crowns,
Five thousand years of empires founded,
Make some war and win some ground,
Just give us bread and circus clowns,
To keep us down.

       – from the song Coins and Crowns



True Cause of Chaos Exposed is Mike Maloney and Dan Rubock’s mini documentary regarding the currency issues surrounding the chaos in Egypt.

Coins and Crowns is featured in this 3:45 video which shows the historic correlation between the price of food, and social unrest and revolution.

Included are interview excerpts from author and commentator Richard Daughty, former IMF and World Bank consultant and author Richard Duncan, and TV host of “The Keiser Report” Max Keiser.

This mini doc is part of the series Hidden Secrets of Money. Episode 1 is available now on YouTube and Episode 2 will be released in August 2013.

Coins and Crowns is available on iTunes as the single format heard in the video, and in a subsequent solo recording as part of the live album entitled Coins and Crowns.

The lyrics and chord chart for Coins and Crowns can be found here.

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