Gold from the Stars and a Little About Me

I’m currently wrapping up a semester at Simon Fraser University where I study geology (gold), economics (rising and falling empires and fiat currencies) and communication studies (media influence and power imbalances).

I’ve been in the publishing field for quite a few years as a publisher, editor and business owner, and am thrilled to be able to spend a good chunk of this August writing and recording music on gold and the currency wars in progress across our globe.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was about ten, and my Yamaha acoustic, which you can see in many of my videos, has been in my hands since I was seventeen. I’ve worn through jeans on the right thigh where my guitar sat for hour after hour, day after day, and months and years. Most people wear through the knees. Not me.

1306141416001I had a comment saying something about me being a hippy on the beach. I love the beach, I love organics, peace and long hair, but probably wouldn’t qualify as a hippy. Sorry. Maybe I’ll get there one day. :)

I’m happily living on the west coast of Canada, where I spend most evenings walking on the beaches of Spanish Banks and Stanley Park, and marvel at how interconnected we all are.What a freaking great universe.

One of my favourite things to do is to stand barefoot on the beach and watch the sunset.

My other favourite things include gold, making music, understanding why societies and relationships (closed systems) rise and fall, and making everyday things like food and soap. I’ve gold smithed and wear a little gold heart necklace I smithed, and plan to do more of it once school has wrapped up.

There’s a little bit about me.

Thanks for coming by.


Apparently gold comes from the stars. As if we in the gold community didn’t know that already. ;)

Sometimes we build our lives out of gold. Valuable and precious. Here’s a song about remembering the gold. This is called Sometimes.

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