Helplessly Hoping and Sun, Sun, Sun

Helplessly Hoping Heart

Elaine Diane Taylor cover of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s Helplessly Hoping is now available on iTunes

Mike Maloney’s series The Hidden Secrets of Money has just released episode two, Seven Stages of Empire. My recording Coins and Crowns was part of episode one, and new music will be featured in episode five.

Episode two, Seven Stages of Empire, explains the stages that an empire goes through as it rises and falls. There’s some easy to follow history of the use of gold and silver as money, and a logical bit of suggestion as to what may be coming for our money system.

Jim Rickards has a cameo in to watch out for, and the episode was shot, edited and directed by Dan Rubock.

I tend to look at relationships and people in systems that rise and fall like empires. An empire swings from quantity currency to quality currency, and we swing from quantity of relationships to quality of relationships. And all back again. Everything is a pendulum that swings. It’s a rod of iron and a coil of gold, moving back and forth creating electromagnetic energy. Yang and Yin. Every empire and marketplace must move to the rod and the ring. And we do too.

It’s summer time. I’m in Vegas visiting family and then heading to Los Angeles for a special visit. After that it’ll be off to Jasper, British Columbia and down through the province on a waterfall tour stopping in Wells Grey Park. Planning to record and video in the wild. I’ll be ending off in Maple Ridge, B.C., as part of my first bluegrass festival, True North Fraser Bluegrass Festival. I’ve heard they’re quite the experience.

There’s a rough of Eva Cassidy’s version of “Fields of Gold” that I just finished up, and hope to release and perform it soon.

The world is spinning as it should be. So many good things.

Sun. Sun. Sun. Good for long thoughts and songwriting.

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