Bitcoin Barbarians Update

Thank you for all the retweets and shares of the song Bitcoin Barbarians.

A lot of barbarians are joining the throngs running for the gates. A lot of peasants are happily opening those gates, and there is a flood of new businesses and media surrounding the cryptocurrency.

At this time the infrastructure is being collaboratively worked on from many angles, to make the whole ideology and process easier to navigate and understand.

I have my wallet here:

Here’s a few media outlets I’m following:

The Keiser Report


The #Bitcoin Daily News


The Bitcoin Channel

I’m not so much a Bitcoin bug as I am a communications theorist. I look at how power has been lost by the everyday citizens around the world to an ever more corrupt banking and governing system. I’m not anti-government and I’m not angry at anything. My part is not a revolution so much as an unraveling of ‘why’ from my own perspective.

Art is not commerce. I’m strong on keeping the two separate.

I believe that there’s a changing of the power structure brought on by the advent of technology. Please see Gold Rises as the Empire Wags the Dog. Everything is up in the air and the citizens are becoming aware of the blatant fraud and manipulation. Trust is dissolving and trust is imperative for a fiat currency to survive.

Trust is being lost in the ability of the United States to manage a world fiat currency. All those American dollars that are all over the world will return to the U.S. as the world citizens stop using them for world trade. That could cause massive inflation, or as Rudyard Kipling said in The Gods of the Copybook Headings:

Although we have plenty of money
There is nothing our money could buy

Bitcoin and gold are ways of protecting ourselves in this event. Bitcoin is a way of transacting currency to buy and sell things and services without the banking fees and inflation of the currency. It’s non-centralized, meaning that it’s not controlled by a government. Each government is now approaching it differently as it gains traction. For example, in Canada it is currently taxed as barter.

The US government can print as much as it chooses. If it chooses to print more then each dollar out there becomes worth less. Until there’s so many dollars that each is worthless as in Germany’s Weimar Republic before World War II.

We need to use our country’s currency to pay taxes and for many things, but not all things. As Bitcoin becomes more of a global currency then it will become easier and easier to get it and use it.

I sent my brother some money recently through the banking system. They held it for a month and charged a fee. I sent him bitcoin last night. It was in his wallet immediately. No fee.

The process of growth in Bitcoin is going on now. Massively.

With it comes fraud. Here is one form of fraud that happened to me yesterday:

I received an email from Youtube from someone asking for my wallet address so they could donate to say thank you for my work. I replied publicly in the comment section, giving my wallet address and thanking everyone. Someone else shared my whole song page through Google+, but changed my wallet address in the comments to their own address! I felt horrible. It means that someone, believing they were donating Bitcoin to me to support my efforts was instead stolen by a stranger! Who would even think of doing that? I’m so sorry to that person who sent Bitcoin. I apologize and will learn and take more care in the future.

So this is the kind of thing that we all can watch for in the early stages. I’ll be careful to check the address of wallets I donate to, that the receiver has posted the wallet number/letters on a static page hosted by them or by a credible entity I trust.

It’s all about trust.

Bitcoin is like holding cash in that if you toss it into a landfill then it’s gone. That’s something to be careful of. ;)

I’m excited about how this can help people free themselves from banking rules and fees that are crushing the many to favour the few. I’m excited to create music and lyrics to get that message out.

I’m thrilled when someone picks up on double meanings behind lyrics. So very cool. ;)

I follow gold and silver because I believe, as Jim Rickards says, that as the American world currency crashes, those in control will sit down and negotiate like a game of poker. A new monetary system will be created. Gold is the poker chips. It rises as the dollar falls. It is money.

I believe it will be freed from manipulation as events are shown in the light through alternative media and then mainstream.

Jim Sinclair is involved in setting up gold exchanges that will only deal in physical gold. So no paper manipulation.

We’ll all be part of pressing the reset button and it’s starting to go on now. This is the set up time.

Time to get set up and prepare for a bit of an economic winter. As George R.R. Martin says:

Winter is coming.

Gold and Bitcoin are ways of preparing. Learning. Stocking up on necessities before the prices rise further. Putting aside some seeds for the economic spring that will follow.

Thanks for listening.

Bitcoin Barbarians
words and music Elaine Diane Taylor
©2013 Intelligentsia Media, Inc.


Bitcoin Barbarians Featured on:

The Keiser Report

The Bitcoin Channel

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