Gold and War as the Empire Wags the Dog

There’s an order we expect to experience in the world.

We see it and know all is well — normal.

When the normal order is disrupted and we see something like a tail wagging a dog instead of the other way around, it’s time to take a second look at that particular dog.

Or that particular tail.

Maybe tails wag dogs… but probably not. Our experience tell us a dog has the power to wag its own tail.

The one with the power wags the tail — and the tale.

There are tales being told. There’s a global game being played. It’s the game of Coins and Crowns which deals with power and people. And in this game it’s important to tell tales.

Groups of people move together. We cannot know what an individual will do in a given circumstance but we can know with quite a lot of certainty what a group will do. If we can gather people into groups then we can accurately guess their response to certain stimuli. If we need them to do something for our benefit we need them to move as a group. If they are doing something we don’t like then that group needs to be broken up.

Power moves from one party to another over time as risk and security swing back and forth, and empires are taken over from within or without. There are things which can’t be controlled, such as time (we think) and weather (we think), and unpredictable things such as individual inventions and new technology.

New technology always means a new round of Coins and Crowns. Who will gain the power? At first the masses gain and then there is a consolidation of power.

One tactic used in the game is deception.

Another word for deception is propaganda or public relations.

It means that a story is told in such a way that it benefits the teller at the hearer’s expense. The more trust that’s gained from the hearer ahead of time, the more trust in the story being told, and the more power won by the teller.

If the hearer is in chaos they’ll tend to have more trust in a tale that promises to benefit them. There’s no time to check facts and vet storytellers when the flood waters are rising.

The global game is changing.

How do we know? Because there’s new technology, the internet and M2M, as well as LENR and virtually free energy developments, and we’re being told who the good guys and bad guys are — loudly.

There are strange things going on with economies, with oil, with gold and with banks.

The golden rule of “those with the gold rule” is many thousands of years old. Empire after empire has ruled with gold. The paper rule of “those with the world’s printing press rule” has always been short lived, as the ones ruling the paper always print for their own benefit, and each piece of fiat paper becomes worth less and less.

Maybe a tale is being wagged.

Since the paper rule has always swung back to the golden rule it might be smart to think it’s a possibility. Or at least to see if there are players preparing for a golden rule phase. Any nations out there collecting gold? Any banks or companies or individuals?

Who would want a golden rule again? Not the ones winning the game with paper, of course.

The ones who would want to swing back are the current losers. But first they would get some gold. No one wants to roll the dice until they have all their gold and technology pieces in place.

Since there’s no end to the game (that we know of) then the winners would want to stay in power while times shift from one form of technology to another, and one form of communication to another. The ones with power would try to move the pieces they control, inside the shift they can’t control.

As a shift is going on the need to influence would increase. The need to tell a tale would increase.

If, for instance, energy became free and you were free to move and do whatever you like, those currently living off of your payments for energy would lose. No one wants to lose power they currently have.

So if there was a way to influence us to do certain things in a certain way for their gain, it would mean that you and me, and all of us lovely citizens of our individual countries could be doing things which those with power set up for us to do.

Our whole society, with jobs, schedules and consumer goods, and the means of exchange like fiat currency, could all just be done in one certain way instead of some other certain way.

shutterstock_72376816Perhaps instead of being made to do these things through force we’re being persuaded to want to do them.

The way we do things now is not the way it’s always been done. Normal a few years ago is not normal now, and most likely normal will change. Maybe sooner rather than later.

Having an ideology that there is only one way that is normal has caused a bit of trouble in the past.

Before 1648 and the Westphalia treaty there were no nations or states at all.

It was normal to have your tribe roam around and cause havoc with other tribes. There was no sovereignty.

The Westphalia treaty had some friends shaking hands and saying they’ll stay out of each others’ business and land.

That became the new normal.

For about ten minutes.

At this time it’s normal to gain status through consuming physical goods. The more stuff the more status. We believe we gain status by controlling things instead of controlling ourselves.

Those with current power in the macro game of Coins and Crowns win by having us continue to believe status by purchasing is normal.

And what are our individual micro games?

Here’s mine:

There is no location, dollar value, set of experiences or power accumulation that I want to in order to feel I’ve won. I’ve earned the right to stand where I’m standing at this moment and I feel like I add value to myself and those I am associated with. I love and I’m loved. I create value and I’m treated like I’m valuable. I want to grow and join with others who feel the same way. I want a normal that has longevity. That means knowing when it’s time to work, to rest, to laugh and to cry.  Trusting the cycles of nature and the universe, and working with them to create things and experiences that fulfill me and my family.

I do mine through music and books. Yours are no doubt different.

Marxists believe everything we do as individuals and states is done to support a means of production – a way of making material things we want.

I’m all for a free market, but what if it’s not free and a few are gaming the system? Those players would want to keep that system running while they harvest the playing pieces.

If the system was crashing and they saw it coming, then they would ramp up the theft as hard and fast as possible before everything stopped.

Is normal working for you? What do you feel is normal and what are you protecting?1306141410006

Maybe we don’t make changes because we’re told all is well. Would that make it well?

How dysfunctional would it have to be before we would look at a current structure and see we’re personally losing out while a few, coincidentally the ones saying all is well, are winning.

For many people financial things are rougher than they were.

So what is the greater game? Who are the players and who is winning or losing?


The idea of states or nations has only been with us since 1648. It’s a “state”, as in a way that we organize ourselves to get what we want.

Protecting what is normal is what we’re used to doing in our personal lives and back in both oral and written history. But history can be skewed or rewritten depending on the writer.

History is just a tale that someone has told.

Media, mainstream and alternative, write words that come from an idea, packaged and moved from one-to-many.  By hearing, reading or seeing this idea we re-experience it, over and over again, and it becomes a collective normal.

We are all recreating our idea of what a nation is, what a relationship is, what a beautiful or not-so-beautiful normal is. We recreate it every day.

That’s why it’s good to shut off media. Think and dream. Listen to those close to us.

It’s to our benefit to look at different viewpoints and unrelated sources, and then come to our own conclusions. Curate our own lives, and choose who has influence.

Wag our own tail and our own tale.

If some outside media, person or group tells us what is normal, then compare it to your own ideas. Why are they telling us so? Who is gaining by reinforcing this idea? Perhaps all is not as they are making it appear. This can work in a macro system, like government, news and movies, or in a micro system, with a boss or a partner.

Just something to think about.

George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series is set around the struggle for power over land and people. There are a few key players and a lot of pieces. The characters use unethical strategies to sway an outcome while in a situation they can’t control.

Martin is telling a tale, and the characters are speaking to us as well as each other.

We want to understand what’s going on and we have players we want to see win. There are real people behind institutions. Some look for a greater good and some are corrupt — people with flaws who might be good at manipulating and leading.

Any entity with power tries to reinforce the current normal. They tell their people how strong they are, how good they are, and how God is behind them.

They could communicate it with books, music, film and finances. Whatever could be used to tell a tale would all say the same tale. All media they controlled would reinforce the same one story to many hearers.

But in the real world a shift would be going on.


shutterstock_78405994Empires rise and fall every 200 years or so. Currencies fail and new ones are formed every 40 years or so.

Whenever a new technology comes it triggers a shift in power.

We’ve had slavery, feudalism and capitalism, and now electricity, the internet and renewable energy – new technology for the masses.

With new technology comes ideas and then tension as those on the losing side of power find ways to harness the new ideas.

This is the rod and ring I was writing about before.

Where does power reside? They had slavery, but it’s exhausting to make people do what they don’t want to do. Then they had a feudal system, where individuals could have a little piece of land to work but had to pay the ‘lord’ a tax.

The merchants who created money from their own production of goods didn’t see the benefit of paying taxes, or giving power to feudal lords. Capitalism came from this. The shift into capitalism was bloody but it shifted.

A new way of organizing people came when a new means of production and the resulting tension came about.

Capitalism started off being hopeful for many, but over time it concentrated more and more power to fewer and fewer players.

Markets became saturated and the owners had to find new markets, or else make sure the market they already have stays dependent for repeated sales.

Free market capitalism could work with a new technology like free energy, but capitalism isn’t very ‘free’ when there’s manipulations like high frequency trading, no price discovery, and it’s in fewer and fewer hands.

Those hands want to keep it that way.

That’s where we are now.

The owners are a handful of bankers, government players, company owners, media outlet owners and a few very wealthy entities. A few crowns and many coins.

Their tale that all is well is a tail wagging a dog. All is well for whom?

Their tale that someone is evil and someone else is good might be a tale.

If media is owned by a few then how is the tale being told? What tales are missing? Who benefits from the stories we hear and the messages of the media?

The medium itself is the most important message. It influences how we think and organize our lives.

Our new technology is the internet. Our new mode of production will be energy that’s renewable and virtually free – not oil.

So there will likely be tension and a shift.

But when and where?

The players in power want to keep those who are losing in a position where they need the present system.shutterstock_59964973

Maybe a threat of war so the powerful can offer protection?

Maybe chaos and the powerful can offer food and deliverance?

When a shift happens the powerful want it to end with a new normal in their favour. Instead of doing that by force, a tale could be told over and over again. Tell the pieces they’ve won. Tell them all is well. Give them free bread. Give them free circuses.

The powerful can’t stop a shift from happening, but they can try to control how it happens and what ends up as the new normal.

We’re heading into a winter cycle while this present system ends. Empires rise and fall. George Martin’s mantra is true in the bigger picture for us – Winter is Coming.

Economic and geopolitical winter.

It’s just part of a cycle, and if we see it coming we can bundle up, store some hot chocolate, and put aside some seeds for next spring.

The shift to a new technology has always brought tension to the game of Coins and Crowns.

Some see currency wars ending in a crash. Some see a slow burn. Others see a clash of empires and banking systems.

A failing empire will go to war because there’s a need for weapons and supplies. That gets an economy moving.

When a shift happens a controlled chaos keeps the masses dependent. The players might spin the board so they can offer to rescue the little pieces from flying into the abyss.

They would want to manage a new normal so there aren’t any individual ideas. Lots of little pieces together have considerable power.

Some players might beat the drums of war to incite a little chaos if it’s not unraveling on its own.

They might tell a tale or two.

Maybe a tale that wags the dog.



Wag the Dog (Drums of War and Backroom Banker Passes)
words and music Elaine Diane Taylor
© 2014 Intelligentsia Media Inc. All rights reserved.
from the album Preparing for the Fall available on iTunes


Coins and Crowns
words and music Elaine Diane Taylor
© Intelligentsia Media Inc. All rights reserved.
from the album Coins and Crowns available on iTunes

Single featured in Episode 1 of Mike Maloney’s documentary series Hidden Secrets of Money.


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