3 Minute Gold News – September 21, 2014

3 Minute Gold News A Quick Read for Busy People Topics: Spot Price Ancient Gold Coin Found Singapore and Hong Kong Gold Benchmark Race Warren Buffet Russia, China and India Winter is Coming   The spot price for gold is $1,216.20 U.S. per ounce.   This week, a 2,750-year-old gold coin, Bulgaria’s oldest, was found […]

Gold, Wheels and Empires of Dust

UTOPIA Here’s the rub about money: if we all spent lavishly every day, and no one saved for an economic winter, then there would never be an economic winter. An economic warm summer forever. We’d all spend and enjoy, and take turns working and resting. But it doesn’t happen. Never. Instead of eternal summer we […]

Gold Rises as the Empire Wags the Dog

There’s a certain order we expect to experience in the world. We see it and know all is well. Normal. When the normal order is disrupted, and we see something like a tail wagging a dog instead of the other way around, it’s time to take a second look at that particular dog. Or that […]

Rod and Ring

Rod and Ring Elaine Diane Taylor Here are two concepts to hold at once: we swing as we move in cycles. Every empire and every market and every life… swings as it moves in cycles. Like a pendulum and a wheel at the same time. Like day and night inside the spinning seasons. And if […]

Shock and Taranchula Days

The fear. Oh the fear. Shock can either overwhelm us to a state of catatonic paralysis, or it can invigorate us to change the world. It all depends on how you experience it. It can be the death of someone loved, a divorce, the loss of a career, an earth event such as an earthquake, […]

The Rolling Ball, Trust and Coffee

All of our actions, our thoughts, our reactions and our creative movements are in response to our environment, either perceived or real. But our environment can be in our minds but not physically real. If we believe something is real then our bodies react to the belief whether it’s real or not. So, I guess […]