Rod and Ring

Rod and Ring
Elaine Diane Taylor

Here are two concepts to hold at once: we swing as we move in cycles. Every empire and every market and every life… swings as it moves in cycles.

Like a pendulum and a wheel at the same time.

Like day and night inside the spinning seasons.

And if we’re turning too fast for a bit and getting dizzy, or slow down while at the bottom of a turn, sitting in the mud at a near standstill, we can slide to the center for a while  – there’s no centrifugal force in the center. Just stillness.

My center is: woman, guitar, and words in song. Every time. Alone in the livingroom whereever I find myself. It’s the very heart of who I am.

Everyone goes from up to down, stress to release, light to dark and back again. Each place is to be experienced and not avoided. All stress is not bad and all release is not good. The key is to curate your own energy and environment; to be aware of the swings and experiences before they arrive, instead of just reacting after the fact.

Learn when to lay low, and when not to try what’s not time to try.

Learn when to act quickly and feel full of joy.

Our universe is electric, swinging from positive to negative and back again. At the same time it also clips along in cycles.

To harness and curate the energy some people build electromagnets, making electromagnetic energy which is thousands of times more powerful than electricity alone. If you move a rod of iron inside an electrified coil of gold or copper the electrical tension produces an electromagnetic energy release. Hmmmm…power to move and change things. Power in love. Power in markets.

It’s a rod and ring that together create energy that swings. Love and markets. Micro and macro. Thousands of times more powerful than everyday energy.

Every empire and marketplace moves to the swing and the cycle. Every life and every relationship between lives shutterstock_72376816moves in the same way.

In the micro world of our lives, when we want change there is first a period of build up of tension or pressure. We envision something better than is currently going on, and the ideal of what we desire sits in our minds and develops.

This new ideal naturally comes into contact with what is presently rattling around up there as reality, and a tension occurs. A fight for space.

The two realities of what is and what could be are squeezed into our space – our lives – and either we curate and direct it or we can become dissatisfied, or annoyed, or moody with what is presently in our experience in the physical world.

Some try to manipulate people into doing what they want in order to bring about what they envision. I try to avoid those people. Some are very good at influencing those who have not yet learned to curate their own lives. Some of these influenced ones. life noobies, hit a winter, a bottom, and instead of going to the center, slowing down and learning what to do next time to avoid the discomfort, they latch onto someone or some group, who promises to rescue them from the pain and give them security forever. That’s where abuse and manipulation come in.

Get some support and training, but never accept a permanent rescue from winter. It’s not possible or healthy. If you never hit winter then you never get rid of the people and things that drain your resources. You never see spring. Your rescuer might just be lying for their own self interest.

This curating of movement is going on every day with all of us. In our family, friends, love and society.

In the macro world of society and empires the same process goes on.

shutterstock_59964973The talk of sound money, gold, empires rising and falling, and wars over resources are all speaking of the rise and fall in a cycle. It’s good to pay attention to where we are on the wheel as a society, and use the path of least resistance to get where we want to go personally, with the least amount of energy.

Paying attention to when the sun will shine and when the mud will sling helps us get out of the way, prepare for the cold, rest and build reserves, and then let loose in a powerful movement when the time is right.

More and more people are seeing that we’re moving into an economic winter, the bottom of the wheel, on a worldwide scale. Central banks around the world are creating currency with no value to back it. Not just the American central bank, but all of them.

That boat will tip. That Titanic will sink.

It’s not just the “change entrepreneurs” saying it now, it’s the “early adopters” who are researching, seeing and teaching it. I suppose I fit in that category. My life has been what I’m talking about for a very long time. I live it and breathe it. I was doing it when I didn’t know a single other soul was thinking the same way.

There will be a press of a reset button on a global scale in the not-to-distant future, and we can prepare for it. No one knows exactly what that will look like. It’s being wrestled out behind the scenes. But we can have sweaters and hot chocolate ready for the winter, while a new boat is being built for a new spring launch.

It’s healthy for a society to go through spring, summer, autumn and winter. It’s the winter that gets rid of the things that are inefficiently using the group resources.

But with a consolidation of ownership of companies, media and banks, they have used their power to create artificial fiat currency to prolong autumn and personally gain. It happens. Just a cycle. Like harvesting people and their resources, I suppose. This is likely to create a deeper winter. By propping up banks, for instance, that were inefficient and insolvent, they have prolonged the drain on the resources that could have been used to build new, well run banks. A few bankers have personally gained at the group expense.

This is the place in an empire’s rise and fall where the looting of gold and resources comes in. Closer to the end. It doesn’t mean the United States will fall, or break apart, and “it doesn’t mean we all live in caves eating canned goods”, one of my favourite Jim Rickards sayings. The way the U.S. was shutterstock_67428634running will fall. The debasing of the currency, and the looting of pension funds to pay off government promises in order to pay private company’s losses. Individuals receiving bonuses beyond reason or sound business practice. Manipulation of numbers, prices and people. It happens. Even good people do strange things when they see that the ship they’re all on is sinking.

Back to the micro. Even inside a macro winter you can have your own micro good things.

If it’s spring for you then start a business, a relationship, a new endeavour. If it’s sunny out and you’re at the top of your micro wheel then have a picnic and laugh with those you love. If you’re turning over the edge into the mud yet spending next spring’s seed money on a new car, without a winter coat or mud boots, then you might have a bit of a problem coming up.

No season lasts forever.

If you’re at the bottom of the wheel and feeling pressure and pain, then move to the center of who you are, where there’s no centrifugal force. Use minimal resources and recharge your battery before spring comes. Believe me it comes. I went through a devastating micro winter while everyone else was at the height of a prolonged summer. It’s painful. Very. But you slow down and look at long cycles and find some hope. You will see spring again. The wheel will move and you will see the sun.

Maybe you’re moving up the wheel? Excited and overwhelmed with the fantastic new feelings? This is also a pressure we curate and manage.

The wheel spins and we see new ideas that tie in to what we’ve been envisioning.

We’re all in this macro movement together.

If you only think about things you lost or fear to lose, then spend some time training yourself to see new things. Surround yourself with people, music and words that support your ideals, so you can fill yourself with hope and the drive to do something about it.

You can’t speed the process in the macro world though – empires fall apart externally or internally in a usual progression, at their own pace. But we can take some action before that goes on. We can buy ourselves some precious metals as an insurance, if that’s what we’re into. Or store water and food and put some resources aside for a natural disaster and an economic disaster.

Micro summer inside a macro fall and winter.

New money systems come every 40 years or so. New empires a little less often, some say every 200 years or so. That kind of macro winter brings inflation and financial pain and geopolitical tensions. There are wars in some places. Many things are going on behind the scenes that we’ll never know about.

Take the time to envision what you’d like. That kind of tension can be good. See a cycle that’s likely to come and prepare for it.

Watch the macro, learn and enjoy. All the seasons can be good.

Even in winter we enjoy a warm fire with people we love.

It’s all a pendulum swing. A wheel. A rod and a ring.

Rod and Ring
words and music Elaine Diane Taylor
© 2012 Intelligentsia Media Inc.
from the album Coins and Crowns
single and album available on iTunes

Rod and ring
a rod and ring
ebb and flow on a pendulum swing
A rod of iron and a coil of gold
From wooden wheels, to steel to oil,
time moves to the rod and the ring
Pendulum swing
It’s light dark, up down, yang yin, on off, out and in

Rise and fall
Boom and bust
Every empire and marketplace must
move to the rod and the ring
Pendulum swing
And our love,
our love is an electromagnetic thing

Down the highway smooth and wide
Or if I choose a path that’s less traveled by
we all move to the rod and the ring
Pendulum swing
Ya it’s up down, light dark, yang yin, on off, out and in

Down my wagon goes
down that road
with my baggage in tow I go
On the shoulders of great men and women I go
Pendulum swings
I go home
Take me home
Ya our love,
our love is an electromagnetic thing
yang and yin

A rod and ring
It’s all a rod and ring
It’s all an electromagnetic thing
Pendulum swing

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